Week in food: 1/24/16

Greetings from life post-blizzard! I normally grocery shop on Sundays, so I missed a week of shopping. We had plenty of food, but the weather made me just feel generally blah and lazy so I don’t have anything fun to report in terms of new dinners. However, I did still make two non-dinner new recipes. I have some interesting dinners planned for this upcoming week though, so stay tuned.

New recipe (4/52): Healthy banana bread

I haven’t had banana bread in years. My mom used to make it a lot when I was little but we didn’t have it very often in my teenage years. Like every person making banana bread, I had a few bananas about to go bad and decided to give this a try on Monday when I was teleworking. It intrigued me because it didn’t have any butter or white sugar.

My modifications, based on preference and/or what I had on hand: all-purpose white flour and vegetable oil (coconut oil can be such a pain), upped the cinnamon to 1 tsp, and added 1/2 cup of chopped pecans.

It smelled amazing in the oven, but the taste was just…ok? I started to vaguely remember that banana bread may have disappeared from my childhood because I don’t really like it. Yup, pretty sure that’s it. Not sure I can make a fair assessment on this one. Mike thought it was good.

New recipe (5/52): Seasoned pretzels

OMG. Almost no effort required, ability to make ahead, and addicting = win. I stuck to the original recipe, but used pretzel twists since that’s all I had. The spices did have some trouble sticking and the twists+spices=a little too salty, but were still delicious. I would use hard pretzels next time, and I might mess around with the spices, but it’s also perfect as is. I’m making these again for a Super Bowl snack.


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