Belated Week in food: 2/7/16

Looks like I forgot to press “submit” on this one!

New recipe (9/52): Black bean ragout with salsa chicken

This is another recipe from the Smitten Kitchen cookbook. Unlike the tacos from last week, I wasn’t very impressed this time around. I did make two small adjustments to the recipe:

  • The only dried chiles the grocery store had were ghost peppers, and as someone who can’t even handle a ton of jalapeno I was not about to do that. Instead, I used two chiles in adobo sauce, which I thought would give the beans flavor, albeit a different one from a dried chile.
  • Stupidly, I started this after coming home from work, assuming it would be done in 3 hours. It was not even close. Instead of staying up till 2am for it to finish, I switched it to low and left it overnight.
  • I only have a 4-quart Crockpot. After some debating I decided to keep the recipe as is but adjust the water. I put in as much water as I could fit, which was way less than 2 liters.

The verdict: I think the chile swap and change in cook time worked fine. The beans weren’t super flavorful, but I don’t think the dried chile would have solved the problem. The biggest problem was that the beans were super soupy. I tried using my immersion blender to thicken it a bit, but it didn’t help. I ended up having to discard a lot of the liquid.

These were fine- we ate them with salsa chicken, as well as the pickled onion, cumin sour cream, and avocado called for in the recipe- but I think I would have been just as happy with heating a can of black beans on the stove with some spices.


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