Week in food: 3/13/16

Happy March Madness!! My plan was to frontload some recipes at the beginning of the week because I knew I wouldn’t want to cook later on. However…have you ever had nights where you just don’t feel like eating? This happens to me more often than I think is normal, so I only have one actual dinner recipe to share.

New recipe (13/52): Clementine pound cake

I don’t know how I found this but it immediately intrigued me, and fortunately I had everything on hand to pop it in the oven on my telework day. This tortured me by smelling amazing for a long 70 minutes in the oven and it tasted just as good. LOVE this. I’m usually not an edge/crust person (in brownies, pies, breads, etc.) but the edges had a perfect crunch that complemented the cake. You should definitely try this recipe. It would be perfect for a brunch or tea party.

New recipe (14/52): Slow-cooker and kielbasa and white bean cassoulet

This was a Real Simple magazine find. It couldn’t have been simpler (get it…?) to put together. Pretty solid; I would make this again.



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